Educational Toys Information

We are online stockists of the SucZeZZ™© brand of educational products, a leading provider of innovative educational toys and games in South Africa, trusted by teachers and parents and loved by children. The high quality educational toy products serve toddlers, pre-schoolers, primary school children and their parents, preschool, crèche, nursery school, and primary school markets. The range of educational toys and games are designed to help parents and teachers to help children grow into happy, balanced, self-confident people.

Wooden puzzles, Cardboard puzzles, Wooden knob puzzles, Framed wooden puzzles:

We have a range of cardboard and wooden puzzles to suite various age groups. Puzzles can enhance many areas of a child’s mind and cognitive development, such as Hand-Eye Coordination, Fine Motor Skills, Problem Solving, Shape Recognition, and Memory Improvement.

Wooden knob puzzles (or peg puzzles), each piece fitted with a wooden knob or peg. Ideal for young children who are new to puzzles, and toddlers who are still developing finger flexibility. We have framed puzzles with sturdy wooden knobs for easy use by very young children. These puzzles are a great tool to teach toddlers about colour and shape differences and an excellent way to encourage toddlers to develop problem solving as well as fine motor skills

Various puzzles can be used to develop and improve visual, perceptual, fine motor, critical thinking, memory, reasoning, sequencing, planning and logic skills.

General age guideline for puzzles: (this can obviously vary depending on a child’s individual skill level, but serves as a general guideline):

4 – 12 piece puzzles: usually suitable for children aged 2 – 3 years.

20 – 48 piece puzzles:  usually suitable for children aged 4+ years.

54 piece puzzles:  usually suitable for children aged 5 – 8 years.

63 piece puzzles: usually suitable for children aged 6+ years.

96 piece puzzles: usually suitable for children aged 6 – 7+ years

200 piece puzzles: usually suitable for children aged 7 – 10+ years

Educational games (English):

Educational games are used to develop numeracy, literacy, memory, colour, language, sequencing and other skills in toddlers and young children. Many of the games are in the form of Self-Correcting, Interlocking puzzles. The educational games also improve reading, writing, language, memory and math skills in young children.

Educational games are also available in Afrikaans (“Opvoedkundige speletjies“)

Educational Posters / wall charts for the School Classroom (English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu Posters):

The educational posters are laminated on both sides – 680mm x 480mm.

An extensive selection of educational posters in English, Afrikaans (“Afrikaanse muurkaarte of plakkate”), Xhosa and Zulu:  ideal for the classroom or bedroom, covering a very wide range of educational topics, aimed at children aged 3 – 10 years.

Colourful wall posters are a great way of helping pupils grasp key concepts. The exciting designs of our educational posters are guaranteed to brighten up the school classroom, presenting easily digestible information for pupils in a range of topics and subjects.

Posters or wall charts are a VERY useful learning aid, especially as many students respond best to visual stimulation.

About 30 percent of students in an average classroom respond best to visual stimulation. These students respond well to a vibrant classroom filled with colourful posters.

Educational posters help reinforce important concepts. Educational posters and wall charts can be used as a  reference by students instead of having to ask the teacher. Educational posters or wall charts can be referred to regularly during lessons. Words linked to images and illustrations on a poster or wall chart help students grasp new concepts. Putting up new educational posters or wall charts will ensure that the classroom environment remains stimulating.

Felt boards and felt products:

Different sized felt boards with various educational add-ons for the felt board.  These felt board products are entertaining and develop children’s skills. Children will improve: matching and sequencing, problem solving, listening, thinking, creativity, rhyming, values, numbers and letters. Excellent to stimulate children’s imagination and communication. Learning really becomes fun with the felt board products that provide hands-on learning experience. The various felt sets encourage expression, exploration and creativity.

A4 Cards – (English and Afrikaans):

A4 cards – 26 per pack, laminated both sides.

English – Alphabet and Number cards (cardinal and ordinal numbers). Fantastic educational products to teach pre-schoolers and primary school children basic numeracy and literacy.

Afrikaans – Alfabet en Getalle kaarte (hooftelwoorde en rangtelwoorde). Uitstekende opvoedkundige produkte om voorskoolse kinders laerskool kinders te help met basiese leesvaardigheid en getal vaardigheid.

Domino cards – 28 cards in a pack:

Dominoes – 28 cards in a pack. 60mm x 90mm thick cardboard.

A fun way to teach matching skills as well as counting and numbers.

Mind teasers or Brain teasers:

Mind teasers or Brain teasers – a super tool to develop problem solving skills. Will even challenge some adults ! In the form of visual puzzles which must be solved using pattern recognition skills. The brain teasers are exercises which are designed to stimulate cognitive function, encouraging the brain to work to complete the exercise.

Certificates (in English and Afrikaans):

Certificates to give to your children. Praise them when praise is due!!

Sertifikate vir jou kinders. Prys hulle wanneer hulle dit verdien!!

Flash cards (in English and Afrikaans):

Flash cards (English): improve toddlers and young childrens’ skills in numbers, alphabet, colours, shapes. Flash cards are cards bearing pictures, letters, words or numbers, that can be flashed for a short period encouraging the child to recognize the card – a fun way to improve various skills.

Flitskaarte (Afrikaans): bevorder jong kinders se vaardighede met getalle, alfabet, kleure en vorms.

Maths Flash Cards:

Maths Flash cards – addition, subtraction, division, multiplication. A question appears in large print on each side of the flash card, with the answer in small print on the reverse side. Card Size : 60mm x 90mm.

Wiskunde flitskaarte – optel, aftrek, vermenigvuldig en deel. ‘n Vraag verskyn in groot skrif op elke kant van die flitskaart, met die antwoord op die agterkant in klein skrif.

Frieze Strip Posters (available in English and Afrikaans):

Frieze Strip Posters (laminated both sides) – educational strip posters used to teach the alphabet, cursive writing, and numbers.

The frieze charts are in strips, each strip is 68cm x 9.5cm. So, for example, the alphabet frieze will have letters “a to f” on one strip, and letters “g to l” on the next strip, and letters “m to r” on the next strip, etc. etc…

The same will apply to the numbers and cursive writing strip posters (there will be approximately six per strip). The numbers posters contain numbers 1 to 30.

Excellent for schools, as they can be used up against the walls, and for other uses as well

Stickers – English and Afrikaans:

English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu stickers.

English stickers – use them to praise and encourage children for work well done.

Afrikaanse plakkers – gebruik dit om kinders te prys en aan te spoor vir goeie werk.

Plastic Educational Products:

Durable plastic educational games and products that improve various aspects of a child’s development, while at the same time providing for hours of fun and creativity.

Peg board with pegs – helps with fine motor skills and sorting / matching, copying and creativity. Peg board activities are versatile learning aids that are designed to develop and strengthen visual perception skills, visual motor coordination and fine motor skills, including the pincer grasp (thumb and index finger) so crucial to fine motor development and control.

Abacus with 120 counting beads. Foster childrens math skills at an early age. With 120 brightly coloured beads that slide back and forth, this hands-on learning toy helps with counting skills as well as the development of hand-eye coordination. The abacus teaches your child counting and helps to develop hand-eye coordination.

Jumbo building blocks – children love building with these blocks. Building blocks should be one of the earliest educational toys that children use. Before they are even ready to learn about colours, or letters, building blocks can begin to develop your child’s motor skills. They also promote spatial skills and creativity.

Threading game: 60 Cotton reels with 4 laces – fun plastic threading game. Helps with fine motor skills and sorting / matching and creativity. Thread the lace through the reels, matching different colours etc. Improves and stimulates creativity. We use cotton reels to thread especially for young children, as they are a large size and are difficult to swallow

Play money – educational money game:

Contains 5 pieces of every coin or bank note – from R200 note down to 5c coin. A superb way to teach children how to handle money, what to pay with, what change to expect etc. Obviously also helps kids learn to add and subtract.

Fractions game – educational fraction comparison game:

2 boards – each 25cm x 25cm; circles are 9cm in diameter; squares are 9cm x 9cm. The squares and circles contain segment pieces that can be removed and moved around to compare different fractions. By comparing the circles and squares and putting pieces on top of one another kids learn value of fractions and how they compare.